Things to Know


You can bring food, cake, presents, etc! We have light snacks & drinks available from our café.


Up to two adults can stay during the party. If the parents do want to paint, they can do so, but we do need to save the tables for customers who are painting.


You will have 2 hours table for a period of 2 hours (painting usually only takes 1 - 1.5 hours.


On pick-up date, we'll have each piece bagged with the kids' names on them. All the pieces must be picked up by one person (not individually by parents).


We have over 350 items in our studio all of which are individually priced. Prices already include painting, studio time, and firing.
Here’s an idea for price:

Figurines start at $13 (average $15-20)    Boxes and Banks from $17    Mugs from $18

The cost per child depends on what they choose, but you can set their ‘price cap’. If they’re allowed up to $15 each, they will have several options to choose from. Up to $20 each allows for a very wide range of options in multiple of categories (mugs, figurines, bowls, etc.).

A Party Fee of $40 will be applied for kids’ parties which allows for the food, presents, individual bagging, designated staff etc.

We can’t wait to host your party!