Things to Know


You can stay as long as you like. In organizing a party where you want to provide guests with a time structure, 2 hours is a good amount of time to tell your guests (young kids are quicker though). If there is anyone who does not finish their project, they can come back to complete their project another day at no extra charge.


Pick-up is usually 7-10 days out. If anyone needs theirs quicker for any reason, they can request this at the time of payment. We can often fire things faster, but we try not to guarantee items early in the case we can’t have it done.


For an idea of prices, click HERE. If the bill is all together and there is a ‘price cap’, let us know - we can keep this easy for you  

A party fee will be applied and it allows for food and drink to be brought in.

Dartmouth Party Booking Form

Before filling out this form, please ensure you've read the information provided on the Dartmouth Parties page of our site. Once we receive your form, we will correspond through email to get your party booked.

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