Looking for the perfect venue to please everyone? Check

We accommodate everyone from kids' birthday parties to the retirement celebration. We've got stencils, silkscreens, and special glazes that practically do the work for you available to make it so easy; at this studio, everyone's an artist!

Kid's Parties

birthday party

Kids' Parties

Looking for something completely different and undeniably fun for your child’s next birthday party? Bring some colour into your life and host a pottery painting kids' party at DIY Studio! It's interactive, safe, and so much fun; kids of all ages will enjoy getting creative and even a bit messy.

From our amazing line-up of kids' pieces, we have a broad selection. Choose from an adorable assortment of trendy figurines to piggy banks and boxes, ice cream bowls, mugs and more to suit each child’s unique interests!

Our dedicated staff will be on hand to facilitate the party, provide tips, and help children discover their creativity. And the best part? We clean up the mess!

All Other Party Parties


Parties/Reservations for groups of 6 or more

Corporate Events, Retirement, Bachelorette, Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement...

DIY Studio is the perfect venue for people of all ages; there is something for everyone at this modern, comfortable studio.

Pottery pieces range from trendy figurines and dog bowls to candle-lights, banks and boxes, as well and functional dishware including mugs and canisters.

There are dozens of glazes to paint with, so you can choose vibrant colours to have a bright, playful piece or choose a more textured style for a sophisticated, classy look... remember you're the artist!